What is Daycare Like for Babies?

New parents are often hesitant to send their babies to daycare for the first time.

Parents talk, and while some never fathom the idea of leaving their baby with strangers, it is just a reality for many, and that is normal!

They wonder if their baby will enjoy their day, if they will play with toys, or if they will just wait till someone comes to pick them up, then they never want to come back. While the only way to know exactly what daycare is like for your baby is to be a baby in daycare, we are here to give you a little insight into what your infant could experience while at Colerain daycare for babies.

Day In The Life of Daycare for Babies

Below is a typical day in life at Colerain daycare for babies:

Day 1

The day has come, it is time to take your baby to daycare! (After all, they can’t drive, yet…) You’ve been doing extensive research and visiting different centers, and you finally decided on ABC Early Childhood Learning Center as the perfect fit.

You drive up to the tall building and approach the glass doors. Many parents are hesitant when it comes to this day. Mostly because you are handing your child off to individuals you just met. Soon you are inside and your baby is back with the other children safely tucked behind many layers of locked doors, and relaxing in their classroom.

As the parent, your shoulders relax a little bit as you exit the building, and your head on your way. There should be no fear because ALL the teachers are trained professionals and have cared for many, many children. It is important to know your baby is in good hands during their first day at Colerain daycare for babies.

What Is It Like Inside Infant Rooms at ABC Early Childhood Learning Center

At Colerain daycare for babies, the infants are separated from the other children and in their own room with other infants. The teachers spend a lot of time holding the babies and when they are not with the teachers directly, they are normally placed in their individual cribs or rocking seats. Laundry is completed daily, and sometimes more! Babies’ crib liners are cleaned weekly, and the cribs are sanitized daily.

Activities at Daycare for Babies

During the day, babies will be taken into a designated play area for socialization and playtime. Inside the play area, they are shown the toys, and this gives them a chance to interact with other babies their age as well.

The babies are also given some time to sit at the group table, and there they are able to interact with other babies too. Food arrives three times a day directly to your baby’s classroom at Colerain daycare for babies. Meals are catered by local nutritional services, and each dish is varied monthly.

Naps, Naps, and More Naps

Depending on your baby’s age, nap time is whenever they are sleepy! But once they hit a certain age, we begin implementing a set period for naps. If your baby is between 6 wks – 12 mos old and falls asleep during the day, they will most likely be taken back into their crib.

Visit Colerain Daycare For Babies at ABC Early Childhood Learning Center

Daycare for babies can be a great experience for the child and the family. It is beneficial and stimulating for your infant to interact with the other babies. These experiences allow them to grow as children and experience more at a young age.

While it is completely normal as a new parent to be nervous about sending your baby to daycare, there should be nothing to worry about. Your baby will be in great hands and have a great day at ABC Early Childhood Learning Center.

Get the childcare you have always wanted for your child. Contact ABC Early Childhood Learning Center at (513) 923-4300 or reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also ask us any questions on this easy online contact form.

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