13 Positive Affirmations to Let Your Child Know They Are Loved

Positive Affirmations, also known as kind and loving words, are essential for children to build confidence and character. Additionally, these words can create a heartwarming sense for many children. Sharing these kind words with your children is not a tough task but listed below are additional ideas so that you can get creative in how you say I love you.

Positive Affirmation Examples

  1. When sitting down for a meal together, talk to your child about how much you missed their presence, their laugh, and their smile while you were away at work during the day.
  2. After you pick your child up for school, let them know how excited and happy you are to see them. Smiles, giggles, and kisses can put not only your child in a great mood for the evening, but you as well!
  3. Start your kiddo’s morning off with a smile and wake them up with a funny nickname and give them a bunch of kisses to put them in a good mood right when they wake up.
  4. When chatting with your munchkin, use pet names! The sillier the better. Using these fun pet names show your child they have a special place in your heart.
  5. Write love notes for your kiddo! Putting these in creative spots is also a fun surprise for them as well. Try sticking them on their bathroom mirror, or in their lunchbox, or even putting them in their coat pocket. These are a great way to send a fun, loving message to your child.
  6. If you find that your child is doing something kind, praise them for it! When your notice something like this, it goes a long way and it also encourages them to act the same way in the future.
  7. Make up a song for your child or sing them one of their favorite songs. This is a simple way to show you care and also make them laugh.
  8. Before bed, read a storybook about love with your kiddo! This is a great way to end both of your days.
  9. Give your child the chance to overhear some of the kind and loving things you say about them to other people. When you model the behavior that you want to see from your child, you will find that they will often times pick up on this well.
  10. When it is time for bed, snuggle up in bed and chat with your kiddo. Tell them how much you love them, and you can share other positive affirmations as well.
  11. Begin and end your days with love! Tell your child how much you love them when they wake up and do the same at night before they go to bed.
  12. If you have some extra time during the day, write your child a poem. Kids especially love poems that will make them laugh.
  13. Always be your child’s cheerleader, no matter what happens. Tell your child how important they are to you and how much you love them, this will make all the difference!

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Sharing positive affirmations daily is a great habit to develop.

Giving your child that extra love each day can not only bring light to their day every day, but also allow them to develop a positive outlook on life!

At ABC Early Childhood Learning Center, we treat each child like they are our own, providing them with positive affirmations throughout their day in order to help them nourish their developing positive outlook on life!

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